About our Bitters

I make small batch, artisinal cocktail bitters and syrups under the brand House Made.  These are unique products, with a distinctive culinary edge.  We are constantly experimenting with new flavours and flavour combinations to come up with cocktail bitters that will elevate your cocktails to the next level!


Our bitters are made by hand, in very small batches in Victoria, BC, similar to methods used in the late 1800s.  We use a range of bittering agents in our bitters, and customize the approach to bittering each flavour to provide the best match for the flavour profile we are aiming for.   Because these are made in micro-batches, there is a small variation from batch to batch, although we strive for a fairly consistent flavour in our 8 regularly available flavours.  

We hope you enjoy your bitters, and hope to hear about some of the cocktails you have created with your House Made bitters!



2 thoughts on “About our Bitters”

  1. Hi, I was interested in getting some information about ordering your products for my downtown Victoria store. How does one go about setting up an account with you, and how does ordering from you work when we get one set up? Thanks in advance.


    Siobhan Roberts

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