For those about to get bitter, we salute you!

The last carrot cakes are out of the oven, and its time to kick back with a cocktail! Well technically a highball!

If you love +Fernet Branca, you may already know that it pairs brilliantly with the flavours of ginger and vanilla!  Fernet Branca and Cola is a staple beverage in many bars, but I also really enjoy the simplicity of Fernet Branca and Ginger Beer (the spicier, the better!).  As with any highball, build this one in the glass, over ice.

1 oz. Fernet Branca (increase to 1 1/2 oz if you are an afficionado)
5-6 oz. Ginger Beer

Stir and enjoy.  Garnish with a lime wedge if you must.

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We’re back!

Thanks to all of you for bearing with us while we experienced technicial difficulties through the busy Xmas catering season!  The good news is, we are back online, and will be getting content and the online store back up over the next few days!


If you have questions about House Made products, please contact us via email form on the Contact Us page.


Thank you all for your continued support of our products!


Janice Mansfield