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  1. Hi,

    I’ve signed a book deal to write a complete guide to bitters! I’m including your bitters, and want to consider featuring your company as well. Can you help me out?

    I need information about you and samples for tasting and photography. Unfortunately, as always with these things, I’m under a crushing deadline and if at all possible need responses by the end of the week, Friday the 7th!

    1. What are the origins of your company, and what is your background?

    2. Do you have any interesting/funny stories to tell about yourself or your company? Feel free to elaborate and have fun here: how long have you been seriously making cocktails and/or bitters, what was your inspiration, who is your idol or favorite other bitters maker, what do you hate about a bad, bitterless drink, etc. etc.? Whatever comes to mind.

    3. What is your mission? What is special about your brand, techniques, flavor profiles?

    4. What flavors you currently produce and sell, or plan to sell by summer of next year?

    5. What are your suggested uses for each? Do you have any recipes you can share? For drinks? For cooking?

    6. (Optional) What flavors have you made and sold in the past, but since discontinued (This may find a place in an Extinct Bitters section)

    Please send me a cosmetically perfect bottle of each of your products for photography and tasting. I need to keep everything separate from The Meadow, so please send to my home address:

    Mark Bitterman
    770 NE Laurelhurst Place
    Portland, OR 97232

    On a side note, we are in the process of expanding our cocktail ingredient selection so I’d love to also consider carrying your products in our stores. Thanks for everything!

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in getting more information about setting up a retail account with you, and was hoping to get in contact with somebody. I have a few questions and am looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Do you sell your bitters retail? Are you in Victoria? I would like to buy some for myself and Xmas gifts.
    Please let me know how and where I can purchase your bitters.
    Thank you,

  4. re your 30 days of fernet branca, how much were you taking per day, 1oz, 1/2 oz, 1 1/2 oz???
    also, have you tried chartreuse on a personal test as well, i.e., 30 days of chartreuse, considering it has more herbs…
    and underberg, as well?

  5. Hi.

    I am prettymuch obsessed with anything with the flavour of violet. How would I go about purchasing? What are my options. I live in Vancouver, BC.

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